Claire_Mitchell-1278A trio of books, written by Claire Mitchell, is showcased here, which will lead residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors while experiencing the history, atmosphere and flavour of our Australian coastline.



While simple, casual recipes are included in her earlier books, ‘Mosman Meanders & foreshore flavours’, and ‘Through the Heads to Balmoral’, Sydney, Claire’s latest book, ‘ALFRESHCO: foreshore flavour’  reflects the evolvement of Australian alfresco dining. 

CCF04132018_00000Outdoor eating, whether a backyard BBQ, an elegant alfresco supper or a picnic at the beach, is about the pleasure of sharing food with friends.  Shared platters and finger foods dominate, reflecting the fusion style of our innovative Australian cuisine today.

The process of adapting and developing past our First fleet legacy of portable, industrialised food is explored with the early influences on food and tastes, the introduction and inspiration of world cuisines and the birth of the modern food industry.

“Following a lifelong passion for fresh, robust flavours,  my emphasis is on simplicity and fresh ingredients which showcase the abundance of harvests from the sea and rich pickings from the land, allowing you to enjoy food which is light and vibrant with flavour  – while still enabling you to ‘Fit in your Jeans.”  Claire

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